This journey for me started in 2015. I remember thinking back then, "I would love to do this full-time". Fast forward to 2022, I started living that dream. And now I want to serve with intention. All the blood, sweat, tears, and money spent in education through the years is starting to pay off. I remember thinking in March of 2019, at the start of the pandemic, when all the wedding industry was facing uncertainty, about how I wanted to serve my future clients. And how I could do so in the event that a global pandemic was ever to happen again.

Because those are a thing, I guess.

Where did I want to educate myself? Was it growing deeper roots in weddings? Portraits? Nature photography? I literally had an endless list of possibilities and directions I could go in. What area of clients did I want to serve? Am I best suited for the coastal vibes? Or the mountain community? I was torn. Each area has pros and cons. The seasonal stress levels were different. I went back and forth and weighed all my options. I made my decision.

In 2023, I want to serve clients who enjoy the road less traveled, adventurous clients that aren't afraid to get a little dirty. A little wet. Sweaty. In my soul seeking I actually fell in love with elopements and adventure sessions. I fully dived in and took the Adventure Instead Photography Course and I'm ready to apply that education to serve my clients.

How can I serve you?


Planning a big wedding can be overwhelming for so many couples. Budget constraints, guest list, and waste are some of the things I hear often from couples who have had weddings and wish they had chosen a different route. Anything wedding is not cheap, and it can be mentally taxing to plan a wedding as well. It's not for everyone. It's a luxury and you deserve to know that ahead of time. If you are feeling overwhelmed and have considered eloping, here is how I can help. I can show you how it can work. As your advocate, I will coordinate location logistics based on any activity and level of experience you may have, aide in the legal paperwork process of eloping, vendor management if necessary, and the other planning responsibilities of eloping.


This goes without saying. I would be so thrilled to be serving you in this capacity. I will still cover your photography needs on that special day! And guide. Ensuring you have a great experience. Beautiful photos are what makes me tick and I live for beautiful photos of lovers that create a feeling. The mood means everything to me. And the attention to detail I can provide you when it comes to achieving that mood and posing for every body type is just one of the skills I will provide my couples. I'm ready to chase good lighting for you! Let's go bestie!

Finer Details

Elopements don't have to be simple and lack details. Details have a chokehold on me. From your bouquet, flatlays, to planning a unique picnic experience. You have my commitment to you as your guide that I can serve you in any capacity. The photo above was from a covid bride in 2019. She ordered a bouquet and asked for a whimsie vibe. After it arrived, it was obvious the bride was not happy with it. Having some experience with florals, I redesigned her bouquet on the floor of her bridal suite with a few pieces foraged from the property and her bouquet. She loved it, but from that day, I knew I needed to add floral design to my toolbox of skills. So I've self-taught floral design from arch decor, tablescapes, and bouquets as well.