All-inclusive travel?

Anywhere in the United States

Flat rate travel elopements? Yes. This is bold. I know. Not everyone can do this. But after countless hours of research, soul searching, and prayer. This felt right.

I decided to prioritize my passion for serving others over profits in order to build trust and provide transparency in such a saturated industry.

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My personal values influence my business values as a photographer and as an elopement planner as well. Those values are deeply rooted in my values as a minister, someone who wants my clients to be validated for prioritizing intimacy and authenticity in such a serious commitment that no one understands except for you two, the couple eloping.

Also being a minority, indigenous, male in a female dominated industry, I. I knew my approach to this had to be holistic and bold.

My goal is to book and shoot 23 Elopements in next year. Im ready to put in the work

My bucket-list of locations are...

📍Salt flats, Utah

📍Anywhere in Arizona

📍Jackson Hole, Wyoming

📍Colorado Springs

📍Acadia National Park

📍Washington DC

📍Anywhere you want cause they’re all inclusive and my dream!