Puppy Love

It all started because of a little puppy named Abraham. Austin and Samantha met in 2015 at Baird’s Animal Hospital. Thanks to Abraham’s frequent vet visits, Samantha had the opportunity to get to know Austin’s father Dr. Michael Deese. It wasn’t long before Dr. Michael Deese offered Samantha a job working at the Animal Hospital. Soon after starting work Austin and Samantha quickly became close friends. By late 2016 the two had begun dating and they have been in love ever since. Animals have a way of bringing the best out in people and that remains true in Dr. Austin and Samantha's relationship. The two’s love continues to grow stronger through compassion for animals and each other.

Meeting Samantha and Austin was such a perfect match for me as a Photographer. I met Samantha through a client and friend, she needed a photographer to fill in and little did she know she was the perfect client!

Side note: I genuinely care about our impact as humans on the earth we reside. We are commissioned by the Lord to be good stewards of the land and those that inhabit it. Humans and animals are affected in our decisions. And the Wedding industry is notorious for waste. So much waste. From florals, food, and paper. But I love weddings, so sustainable alternatives in weddings make my heart happy. I actually owned a Smart Car for 2 years which was largely made of recycled plastics and I will be starting back my Vegan journey after my Birthday. IN 3 DAYS! And I have the best bee friends ever! Don't ask me about them because I could talk for days.

So when Samantha told me about her sustainable alternatives I was elated. She literally used all my favorites. Pompas, Eucalyptus, and other greenery that can be dried and reused after. The wedding was stunning with an earth toned palette and special touches that screamed Austin and Samantha. Ive seen many exits over the years and a largely popular option is sparklers. Being alternative, Austin and Samantha chose to do a herb toss send off and cold sparkles at the end. Their family and friends all lined up and showered them with cheers and herbs. The smell was heavenly and sweet.

If your a bride wondering how to make more environmental friendly wedding options feel free to message me for guidance. There is always a way to lessen our impact even in the event industry.

With love,

Your tree hugging boho photographer!


Venue/Catering: @21maineventsnorthbeach

DJ: @broadwayjakeproductions

Cake: @aplacecalledbethany

Florist: A phenomenal, sweet family friend florist

Photography: @tharrisimagery