Til Death: A Love Story

I won't bore you with the history of vows and where they came from, why we still say them. Blah, blah, blah. I will just share the love in action I witnessed on this shoot. True vows in action. But first. The couple. The stars of this story. Katisha Revels is originally from Robeson County and attended Appalachian State in Boone and settled in the Charlotte region. Ricardo Collazos, a New York born Colombian has all the Colombian flavor and its no surprise these two fell in love.

Along our walk that brisk Saturday morning, I had the chance to get to know Ricardo some more. I grew up with Katisha all my life so she wasn't in the hot seat just yet. We hit all the basic get to know you questions, I got him warmed up to me and then I planted the question we all are probably wondering? How did y'all meet? A tinder swipe went right y'all! Maybe there is still a chance for the solo solo third wheel photographer.

As a photographer I encounter many couples and they all love differently and support their spouse or potential spouse differently. This session was no different but it was a true test. The morning of the shoot it was ice cold. The coldest day in March ever. And the wind was piercing. I told them several times I don't know how they're making it in their attire. I was freezing. So I knew they were. That was only one layer to the story. Katisha was sick. Now to the kicker. She was suffering with a kidney stone. Many and I mean many times, we had to pause the session to allow her to work through the pain. During those pauses. I watched the reaction of Ricardo.

I could see his love for her in this moment. She was in pain hutched over at times and I watched him console her and support her massaging her back and being the rock she needed in that moment. The vow "through sickness and health" was tested on this shoot and it was clear Ricardo passed with flying colors. His love for her was evident, always patient, never once frustrated.

Y'all this love was so genuine.

Katisha was such a trooper through this shoot. Her dedication to this journey while suffering from kidney stones is insane. Kudos to you!

So why the black dress in the middle of spring? Keeping with their wedding aesthetic. So the two decided on the perfect theme and its going to be centered around the vow "til death". A good mix of moody and light aspects without the cold vibes black can sometime bring. But they're bring in warmth with their love and color choices. And at the perfect location in Charlotte. I literally can't wait wait to be apart of their special day this upcoming September.

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Photographin' Til death,

xxxooo Trev